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Austrian Road (Old Austrian Road)

Jeep tour on the Austrian road, Kazakhstan Altai

Journey from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Lake Markakol

The Austrian (Old Austrian Road) road is also known as the Military Road, passes through the mountainous and picturesque area of the Kazakh Altai. There is no tourist infrastructure here, the places are absolutely wild and inaccessible. We recommend moving along the Austrian road only on 4x4 vehicles of high cross-country capability. You also need to have all the necessary equipment with you to set up a camp and overnight in the mountains.

Austrian road – how to get there

The Austrian road passes through the territory of the Katon-Karagai National Natural Park in Kazakhstan, Kurchum Mountain district, East Kazakhstan region. The road also passes through the territory of the Markakolsky Nature Reserve. The beginning of the road starts from the village of Chingistai and the road ends in the village of Markakol.

Austrian road – information for tourists

On the Austrian road you will meet more than one bridge over the rivers, in some places there are no bridges, so the rivers must be crossed by wading. We recommend driving along the Austrian road as part of at least two 4x4 cars for mutual assistance and revenue. The road runs along the Kara-Koba River. The road was built by Austrian prisoners of war after the First World War. Traveling on the Austrian road is possible only in summer, July, August, when it is dry and there is no rain, in winter the road is closed and completely inaccessible.

Old Austrian Road


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