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Katon-Karagay National Park.

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Jeep tour to the Katon-Karagay nature reserve.

Katon-Karagay State National Natural Park - was established in 2001 on the territory of the Katon-Karagay region of the East Kazakhstan region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. The park borders Russia in the north, stretching to the Kyzylkaragai and Katyn ranges. The reserve is bordered by the Ukek steppe (Russia, Altai Republic) and China in the east and the Markakol reserve along the Temirkaba river in the south.

Tourism Katon-Karagay.

The park is rich in natural and cultural monuments. There are the Tarkhan geological section, the Rakhmanovskiye Kluch hot spring, the Berel Sak mound and the Kokkol gold mine, which are cultural and historical monuments, the northern golden offshoot of the Great Silk Road. Most of the park is occupied by the Bukhtarma river basin, the southern part is by the Karakaba river. There are waterfalls Kokkol waterfall, lakes Arasan, Kara Berel, hot spring Rahman.

Flora and fauna of the Katon-Karagay park.

The reserve is home to 72 species of mammals, deer, elk, tauteke (mountain goat), bear, lynx. There are more than 250 species of birds among them, rare, protected and listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The park is home to cedar, pine, spruce, birch, beech, poplar. More than 40 plant species (golden root, Altai rhubarb,) are very rare, the range of which is decreasing from year to year, and they are also listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

Reserve Katon Karagay


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