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Katon-Karagay state national nature park in Kazakhstan.

Travel to Katon Karagay National Park.

Katon-Karagay State National Natural Park is a park created in 2001 in the Katon-Karagai region of the East Kazakhstan region. The area is 643 thousand ha, of which 215 thousand ha are forests, tree stocks - 24 thousand ha, the reserve area - 151 thousand ha. The useful area of the park is 492 thousand hectares.

Katon Karagay National Park - geographical position.

It borders with Russia in the north, extending to the Kyzyl-Karagay and Katyn ridges. It borders with the Ukek steppe (Russia, Altai Republic) and China in the east, as well as the Markakol reserve along the Temirkaba river in the south.

Elevation zones of Katon Karagay Park.

The park is divided into 4 natural high-altitude zones:
• nival - 2800 m above sea level;
• tundra meadow - 2000-2800 m above sea level;
• mountain forest - 1200-2300 m above sea level;
• forest-meadow-steppe - 900-1200 m above sea level.

Territory fo Katon Karagay Park.

¹ / ³ of the land area is occupied by coniferous deciduous forests, in which the forest landscape predominates. The highest peak of Siberia and Altai, located at an altitude of 4506 m above sea level, is Muztau, which includes the Kyzyl-Karagai ridge and the high mountains Bukhtarma and Berel (Bergiel). In the distance are visible Southern Altai (the highest point is Mount Zhangyrtau - 3871 m), Tarbagatay (Crystal Mountain - 3094 m) and the Sarymsaktinsky Range (Mount Burkitauyl - 3373 m).
The source of Ak Berel in Muztau (Katyn Range) and the eastern outskirts of Southern Altai are located in the national park. There are more than 30 glaciers in spring Berel.
The park is rich in natural and cultural monuments. Here are the Tarkhansky geological section, Rakhmansky spring, Kurgan Berel-Saka and Kokkolsky mine, which are monuments of culture and history, the northern golden branch of the Great Silk Road, reindeer husbandry.
Most of the park is occupied by the Bukhtarma river basin, and the southern part by the Karakaba river. There are waterfalls of Kokkol Falls, Arasan, Kara-Berel, Rakhman Lakes, where a wide water channel falls from a height of 80 meters.

Katon Karagay Park - climate, flora and fauna.

The climate is too continental. The annual rainfall ranges from 600 to 1800 mm.
The territory of the park is rich in species of animals and plants:
• 72 species of mammals, including deer, elk, tauteke, bear, lynx, bear, etc.;
• There are over 250 species of birds. Among them are rare, protected and listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, black spots, etc. birds;
• Cedar, pine, spruce, birch, beech, poplar grow in the park. There are more than 40 species of plants (golden root, Altai rhubarb, deer root), which are very rare, their range decreases from year to year, are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.