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Sherkala Necropolis

Little-known necropolises of the Mangyshlak peninsula -

Journey to the necropolis, the mosque of Sherkala on Mount Sherkala -

Sherkala Necropolis-also known as Temir Abdal Necropolis, or Temir Abdal Mosque, is located next to the famous Mount Sherkala. The necropolis has not been studied or investigated since there is no information about it on the Internet. The necropolis is a complex of ancient monuments and graves presumably from the period of the X-XV centuries.

How to get there, visit -

The Sherkala Necropolis is located in the Mangystau region, in close proximity to Mount Sherkala, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Kazakhstan.

Information -

The necropolis of Sherkala is famous for its location next to Mount Sherkala, next to the necropolis there is a country road that leads to the mountain. Also here in this valley there are unusual spherical nodules (large round earth balls of unknown origin). The whole tract in the area of Mount Sherkala is filled with natural and architectural sights, it is very interesting and informative to travel here. We invite you to a pilgrimage tour of the Mangyshlak peninsula, through underground mosques and necropolises, which are not few here.

Necropolis on Mount Sherkala, Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangystau region


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