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Ushtam Necropolis

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Ushtam-necropolis, dating from the XIV-XIX centuries, is a monument of history and culture of Kazakhstan, the mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage, a sacred, sacred place of the Mangyshlak peninsula. The Ushtam necropolis is a complex of monuments, mausoleums (burials), there are koytas, saganatams, and three small main mausoleums with domes. 3 kilometers away is another famous necropolis of Kenty Baba and 5 kilometers away is the Sultan Epe Mosque.

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The Ushtam necropolis is located in the Mangystau region, 55 kilometers from the city of Fort Shevchenko, Mangystau district, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Kazakhstan.

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The Ushtam necropolis is surrounded by the boundless steppe of the Mangyshlak peninsula, it is very beautiful here, it is rare to meet pilgrims traveling from necropolis to necropolis. There are many sacred places on the Mangyshlak peninsula, which are ancient tombs (mausoleums, necropolises), our company can organize a pilgrimage tour in this region, as well as underground mosques on the peninsula. Regin is filled with sacred meaning, pilgrimage tourism is developing here, it is best to travel around the region by 4x4 high-traffic jeeps, since the roads here are exclusively country roads, there is no asphalt on them.

Ushtam Necropolis, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Mangystau region


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