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Necropolis Terekty Aulie (monument)

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Terekty Aulie is a necropolis, an ancient architectural monument in the Ulytau region, dated to the IX-XII centuries. In the area where the necropolis is located there are the famous petroglyphs of Terekty Aulie (rock carvings). The necropolis is a sacred, sacred place, a place of pilgrimage. The area where the necropolis is located belongs to the Terekty Mountains, also known as the Terekty tract, this is a beautiful hilly area.

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The Terekty necropolis is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region, Terekty Mountains, 17 km from the village of Terekty, 80 km from the city of Zhezkazgan. GPS coordinates: 48°12'39"N 68°36'45"E

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The main building of the Terekty necropolis is a low square structure lined with burnt red brick. The building of the monument is quite beautiful, the roof is crowned by a round dome. Around the necropolis building there are other ancient burials dated to different periods, there are very ancient monuments and there are modern ones. The necropolis is similar to all other necropolises of the Ulytau region, and is built in a similar architectural style of that time. The necropolis is surrounded by the beautiful steppe of Ulytau, especially beautiful here in spring and early summer, when the nature of the region blooms.

Necropolis of Terekty Aulie in Ulytau region


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