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Markakol Nature Reserve

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Lake Markakol in the Markakol Nature Reserve –

Markakolsky Nature Reserve is a state natural park, established on August 4, 1976. The Markakol Reserve is the sixth state reserve established in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of this reserve is to protect rare valuable animals, birds, vegetation and riverbeds where fish spawn in spring, as well as to preserve forests and Aydin lakes, mountains, and the picturesque nature of rivers in their natural state.

Markakolsky Nature Reserve – how to get there –

Markakol State Nature Reserve is located in the East Kazakhstan region, in the east of the Southern Altai in the Markakol basin. It occupies a tectonic lowland typical of Altai, located between the Kurchum ranges in the north and Azutau in the south. GPS coordinates of the Markakolsky Nature Reserve: 48°45' N 85°45'E

Lake Markakol in the Markakol Nature Reserve

The Markakol Nature Reserve is organized for the integrated nature protection of the high-altitude region of the Southern Altai and Lake Markakol. Markakol is a large transparent water fish lake in Altai, located in a deep lowland between the Kurchum and Azu ranges. Its surroundings are a rocky wooded mountain. Several rivers and streams flow into this lake.

Markakolsky Nature Reserve – information –

There are also higher plants of great medicinal value in the Markakol Nature Reserve. Cedar or Siberian pine is a very valuable tree whose nuts are edible. For a long time it was forbidden to prune Siberian pine as a nut-bearing plant. Because its nuts contain up to 65 percent fat. Nuts replace bread, meat, eggs in the taiga. Siberians received high-quality butter and cream from nuts. Cedar is one of the relics that have been preserved since ancient times. This valuable taiga tree is among the plants that produce a lot. Medicinal plants contain aralium and golden root. In general, the Markakol Nature Reserve and the wildlife that inhabited it are under special protection. The reserve has five altitude zones at an altitude of 1400-1500 meters above sea level. Mountain taiga belt, mountain meadow belt, mountain tundra belt and (snow) belt (at an altitude of 2800-3000 meters). Mainly Siberian cedar, shyrsha, birch, aspen grow from the vegetation of the reserve in the forest. Scientific work on the conservation of wildlife and plant species is carried out in the reserve. The natural wealth of the modern Markakol Reserve, its amazing beauty were emphasized by the Kazakh prominent writer Zh. Aimautov in the novel "Akbilek".

Markakolsky Nature Reserve


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