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Big Almaty lake in Big Almaty gorge, Almaty city mountains.

Photo tour to Big Almaty Lake.

The Big Almaty Lake, or as it is often called BAO, is a mountain lake located not far from Almaty, in the Trans-Ili Alatau, one of the most beautiful places in our area. Many times went up there, and on foot, and on the bike, and by car. How and from where he just did not see, from the turquoise to the lead color, and near the coast, and from Ozerny, and from the Cosmostation, and from the peaks and passes surrounding it, but never cease to be here again and again.

How Big Almaty Lake was formed.

The network has two different versions of the formation of the lake, glacial and tectonic. The Big Almaty Lake was formed as a result of the activity of the ancient glacier ... that it was advancing, advancing, deepening, polishing the basin, then retreating, and in the place where it reached, a ramp was formed, which formed a dam. And indeed, when you look in the direction of the lake, up the pipe, from the Kommunal'nik area, the sharp steep ascent resembles an ancient moraine.

Tourist information-Big Almaty Lake.

Also write about the tectonic origin of the BAO. Once upon a time there was a powerful earthquake that caused the landslides of the mountain slopes, as a result of which a dam of debris was formed, and subsequently a lake. This version is supported by powerful, large stone debris from the north of the lake. When did it happen? In one place they write that it happened 8000 years ago, in another that not so long ago in the middle of the 19th century, but then there should have been documentary evidence that I could not find.
The Big Almaty Lake, together with Issyk, are the largest mountain lakes of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, the BAO is located at a higher altitude above sea level - 2511 meters, and Issyk - 1757 meters.

On the map Google measured the lake in length, it turned out about 1.2 km, about 820 meters wide, less than in other sources. Depth, everywhere they write, 35-40 meters. Accordingly, in summer, when the melting of glaciers reaches its maximum, the level is maximum.
The surroundings of the Big Almaty Lake, where you can go, climb.

You can come to the lake, come not only to admire and relax on its shores, but also to make interesting hikes, as well as climbing the peaks, three thousand meters and four thousand meters surrounding the BAO. And all this can be done in one light day. By the way, it is now forbidden to be located on the shore - a water protection zone, and earlier I remember, we even set up a tent, right on the western shore, not far from the mouth of the Ozernaya, and even swam.
Peaks and passes,, Turist Pass (3785 m NK), Turist Mountain (3954 m), Karniznaya Mountain (4075 m), Zhusaly Kezen Pass (3336 m n.), With the Cosmostation located on it, Big Peak Almaty (3681 m).

The highest peaks around Big Almaty Lake.

To the east of the lake are the peaks of Rocky (3332 m), Triangle (3689 m), the Soviets (4240 m). You can also make trekking - Almaty Around the World, through the Almaty-Alagir Pass to the Passing Gorge, through the Cosmostation, also to the Passing Gorge, through Shukur to Kumbelsu, etc. Previously, there was a very popular route to Issyk-Kul, through the lane. Lake, but now it is forbidden to walk on it, due to the absence of a border checkpoint.

The photo shows the confluence of the river. Lake in Big Almaty Lake. The dirt road goes around the lake on the left and leads to the Ozerny pass (3520 m NK), along which the border with Kyrgyzstan passes, then the valley of the r. Chon Kemin, hr. Kungei Alatoo and Issyk-Kul. In the distance, in the south, Ozerny Peak (4131 m), pass behind it. A few more images of the Big Almaty Lake from a height, from probably the most popular peak of the Big Almaty, it is easiest to climb it, having reached the Space Station.

How to get to Big Almaty Lake.

Big Almaty Lake is located 25 km from the intersection of Al Farabi and Navoi streets, in Almaty. The road is normal asphalt. There are stone-dangerous serpentines in the section from the 1st hydroelectric station, in winter there are avalanches on the road in some places, and the ascent is made difficult by the large traffic on weekends when the cars run in a continuous line. The bulk of those arriving at the lake rise about 1 km higher to the observation deck.

Big Almaty lake.

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