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Ozerny Peak in Ile-Alatau reserve.

Climbing Ozerny peak.

Mountaineering in the mountains of Kazakhstan.

Ozyorny Peak is named after the Ozernaya River which flows at its foot along the Bolshoye Almatinskoye Gorge. The height of Ozerny Peak is 4126 meters above sea level. There are two routes to the peak. In 1938, even during the Soviet era, there was a complete ascent to the peak under the leadership of Boris Legostaev.

Ozerny Peak - how to get there.

The mountain peak is located in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the upper reaches of the Big Almaty gorge, behind the Big Almaty lake in the Ile-Alatau park. A mountain asphalt road leads to the lake, a road leads from the lake and then a trail to the very peak. Ozerny Peak can be seen from a panoramic point on the lake dam.

Ozerny Peak - information for tourists.

We invite you to climb Ozerny Peak, the ascent will take at least three days, for this a base camp will be set up in advance from where the ascent will be made. To climb the peak, we have all the necessary equipment, guides, guides, porters. The height of the peak is not great, so we don't need oxygen here. There are two routes to the peak, of varying degrees of difficulty.

Ozerny Peak.


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