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Big Almaty peak in Big Almaty gorge

Hiking to Big Almaty Peak in Almaty mountains

The Big Almaty Peak is one of the most popular and easily accessible peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau. The ascent to it is carried out from the “Dzhusaly-Kezen” pass of 3,333 m, also known for the space station, where cosmic radiation is being studied. You can get to the space station by car, although not everyone arrives, mostly cars are more powerful. Also, you can get to the budget of the BAO, using the services of taxi drivers at the stop of the RFP, from there go up along the serpentine road to the pass. The guide is written specifically for those who have all the opportunities to climb the peak, but do not know the path.

Route details

• Season: all year round (the route is more difficult in winter)
• Duration of the active part: 5-6 hours
• Height difference: 3000 -3680 m
• Route Difficulty: Medium

Dzhusaly-Kezen Pass - Space Station

Important: above the BAO there is a frontier outpost, in order to pass / pass through it every person needs to have documents. Citizens of Kazakhstan - ID / passport. For foreigners - passport + migration card. Without documents, you just will not miss the higher and the day will be ruined.

Approaching along the serpentines to the Cosmostation you will find that you will not be able to get to the very final, the way is blocking the barrier. There is nothing critical in this; here you can park a vehicle, crawl through a barrier and continue on foot. From the barrier to the space station for 10-15 minutes on foot, very close.
An asphalt road will lead you to the houses on the pass, some of them are abandoned, some function and there are workers in them, in some of the houses you can even stop overnight for a reasonable fee. The road leads through the center of the mini-town, go inland and take the left. There will be an obvious way out of the town to the path.

Information about hiking to Big Almaty peak

Many interesting places near Almaty have long been chosen by tourists, but the Assy Plateau is often undeservedly overlooked by visitors to the city and surrounding area.

So, you went to the trail, at first it is quite wide, further narrows. The traverse traverses a small hill, which obstructs the view of the summit. So far there is no climb, a simple stretch. After about a kilometer, the traverse will end and on the right side you will be greeted with a flowing ascent to the pass. Lift length ~ 150m. Having risen, you will find yourself on the “Marble” pass, 3 400m. On the one side of the pass - the Big Almaty gorge, and on the other "Passing", wonderful views. Great place to take pictures, drink tea, eat sweets before getting up.

A little rest, you can continue. We begin the ascent to the summit, the path is flowing, the stones can be lowered onto the participants of the hike, be careful. ~ 200m climb and 700-800m distance to the summit awaits you. There is no technical difficulty in lifting, a problem can be delivered by discharged air, if you do not have enough acclimatization, you should also be ready for physical activity. load. After the steep section, you will immediately run into the rock massifs or as they are called “gendarmes”. The best option is to bypass them on the left side. On the right, it is better not to try, it is dangerous. Landmarks can serve as tours, and also, if you come out to large boulders, it means that you are moving correctly. Large boulders - this can be said one of the last obstacles in front of the southern peak. Climb on them, a little over the rocks and go out on it. At the top is a steel pin.

If you climbed to the southern summit, then we can say that you visited the Big Almaty peak, but did not see the very one, one of the best views of the city of Almaty. To do this, you need to descend a little from the top and move along the right side of the ridge. Carefully overcoming rocky areas. Landmarks for movement can serve as tours. The moment when it is necessary to climb back to the ridge and get to the summit is this: you will pass small rocky ridges and after each the path along rocks and stones will be clear, but on the last such ridge you will look beyond it and it will be obvious that there is no one there I did not go and there is no option to go, then you have reached the right moment, you need to go back a little bit from the ridge and climb the path to the main ridge. At the top you will have a great view of the city, there are also good places for a picnic.

Big Almaty peak


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