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Mangystau, Kazakhstan

Tours and excursions in Mangystau -

Mangystau Tour Guide -

Mangystau is a magical desert, a land of unimaginable landscapes, a place where people go to get to another planet, it is also a pilgrimage destination, a sacred and sacred place of the Ustyurt plateau. The landscape of the region is unique, only here and only on Mangyshlak you can visit the site of the oldest of the shores of the proto-ocean Tethys. You won't believe it, but in ancient times, the waters of the ocean splashed here and life was boiling. Here you can still find the oldest fossils of marine life, shark teeth, fangs of saber-toothed cats, footprints of wild animals in ancient petrified mud and many other interesting finds such as the silicon valley on Mangyshlak.

Jeep tours of Mangystau -

To see Mangystau and Mangyshlak Peninsula (Mangystau region) you need to get to the city of Aktau, which is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea. All trips to Mangystau start from this city, there is a local tourist hub here. You can get to Aktau city both by train and by plane, by your own transport or use the services of our tour company. There are such natural attractions as Bozzhira, Torysh, Bozzhir Panoramas, Shapkpak Ata underground mosque and many other natural and architectural attractions. Your trip to Mangystau may take from 1 to 10 days, depending on your desires and capabilities.

Information about Mangystau -

Aktau International Seaport, a commercial port, is the only water station connecting Kazakhstan with the sea. Writer Abish Kekilbayuly, a native of Mangistau, compared Mangistau to "Sleeping Beauty". At the same time, the outlines of the Mangystau peninsula resemble the profile of a young woman in photographs taken from space. There are many different opinions about the origin of the word Mangystau. One of them is a happy place of nomads, a thousand villages or a thousand winters. There is also an opinion that "Mangystau" means a mountain in front of which a formidable giant dragon lives, or "dragon mountain", "the place where the dragon lives" or "dragon house".

Attractions of Mangystau -

Mangystau is famous for its natural and architectural attractions. Mangystau is a sacred land, there are many ancient underground mosques, ancient beautiful mausoleums and necropolises, which are sacred sacred places and places of pilgrimage on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The most interesting are the underground mosque Shakpak Ata, the underground mosque Sultan Epe, the underground mosque Karaman Ata, the mosque Shopan Ata, etc.

In addition to architectural attractions, there are a large number of natural attractions, such as various gorges, salt marshes, valleys, tracts and mountains. The most famous are the Torysh tract, where the famous Torysh Valley of Balls is located, the Bozzhira Gorge tract and its 6 panoramic points. Also, be sure to visit the valley of the Airakty castles and Mount Sherkala.

How to get to Mangystau -

Mangystau is a remote region, it is best to fly here by plane from almost any city in Kazakhstan, as well as from abroad to Aktau there are direct flights by plane from cities such as London, Moscow, Istanbul, etc. There is a train and buses from any city of Kazakhstan to Aktau. Mangystau is located in Mangystau region, Aktau city district, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 43°52'N 052°00'E

Transportation and jeep tours of Mangystau -

In Mangystau, we recommend moving and traveling exclusively by 4x4 jeep (SUV) with the presence of GPS navigators. The roads here are country roads, there is no asphalt and there is a lot of dust on the roads. Travel around the region in passenger cars with rear or front-wheel drive (auto2x2) we strongly do not recommend it, it rains here, and the road gets wet and turns into mush, as well as it is easy to get stuck in a low-slung car here, since there are descents and ascents to the road, a deep track. The most important indisputable criterion for traveling in the Mangystau region is at least 2-3 people in a team and 2 4x4 vehicles, or better yet, more cars, at least three. Do not travel here alone in one car, as this is the least safe, suddenly your car breaks down or the team on the second car will definitely help you. You must have all the necessary equipment for repairs, replacement wheels if a puncture occurs, equipment for setting up a camp, a kitchen, sleeping bags, water taking into account 3 liters per day per person, etc.

When to go to Mangystau -

It is best to travel around Mangystau in the spring of April-May or early summer in June, at this time the nature of the region blooms and fills with green colors and is not as hot as in July or August, for example. In July or August, the Mangystau area completely burns out, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees, but even at this time people travel here. Also, be prepared for the wind here, in places it can blow very strongly here and all day, in the evening the wind subsides. In autumn, you can also travel around Mangystau, the temperature drops and it becomes comfortable. In general, you can travel to Mangystau at any time of the year and even in winter, but for this you need to choose the days, monitor the weather and be sure to observe safety precautions, consult with local guides or use the services of tour companies that are well aware of the situation and understand the development of a safe and interesting trip.

Recommended sights of Mangystau:

Shopan Ata undeground mosque
Shakpak Ata undeground mosque
Beket Ata undeground mosque

Sherkala Mount
Bozzhira gorge and valley
Fangs of Bozzhira
Zhygylgan sinkhol
Hanga Baba oasis
Shakpak Ata canyon
Bokty Mount
Torysh round stones valley


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