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Aktologay in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour to Aktologay in Aktobe region.

Aktolagay is a mountain range in the territory of the Baiganinsky district of the Aktobe region. Length 90 km, width 5-10 km, the highest point is Mount Kiyakty (217 m). It adjoins the Caspian lowland along the banks of the Zhem river. It is composed of Cretaceous rocks. From Aktolagaya the river Terisakkan originates. To the west is Lake Talagai-sor.

History and tourist information - Aktologay.

Aktologologai is one of the largest locations of fossils in the region of the north-eastern Caspian region. Located on the border of two regions of Atyrau and Aktobe. The Aktologai Plateau, from a gelogical point of view, is the wing of the Chiilisisai salt dome. Thanks to this, the plateau has steep, almost steep chalky slopes. This is one of the only places in the entire Ural-Emba area where you can trace the section of the chalk to the upper Maastricht inclusive. This plateau was discovered by V.I.Zhelezko in 1967. in 1968 it was studied by a field group consisting of L.S. Glikman, V.I.Zhelezko, G.N. Lebedeva. The absolute height is 252 m above sea level.

How to visit Aktologay.

The plateau itself is rich in flora and fauna, it is one of the places of entomologists' coworking, butterflies, black beetles, scarabs, scorpions, phalanges, etc. are beautifully represented. From reptiles, geckos, round heads, etc. are found. Wolves, foxes, karsaks are also inhabitants of these places. From birds - sometimes there is a saker, buzzards, swifts, eagles, etc.

Paleo-fauna Aktologay.

From the paleo-fauna, hedgehogs, stars, lilies, bivalves, gastropods, bryozoans, scleractinia, worms, crustaceans, belemnites and ammonites proper. Even the remains of marine reptiles were found. Of the paleogene of the Paleogene - the teeth of sharks, rays, and fragmentary parts of the skeleton of bone fish bivalves. The place is fascinating and very beautiful.

Best time to visit Aktologay.

The best time to travel there is August and September. It is located at a distance of 363 km from the city.