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Zharkent city

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Zharkent city, the center of the Panfilovsky district of the Zhetysu region, received the status of a city in 1891. Initially, it was a small settlement of artisans and merchants, since 1928 the settlement became a regional center, at that time new enterprises began to open here and houses began to be built. The city was named after the Hero of the Soviet Union I.V. Panfilov from 1942 to 1992.

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The city of Zharkent is located in the Panfilov district of the Zhetysu region, 30 kilometers from the Chinese border. From the city of Almaty to the city of Zharkent, the distance is 307 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: 44°10′N 80°0′E

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The famous Zharkent mosque (Dungan mosque) and the Orthodox temple (church) of the city of Zharkent are located in the city of Zharkent. The population of the city is mainly 50 percent Uighurs, the rest are Kazakhs, Russians and Dungans. Zharkent was once a fortified city on the Silk Road, but its history as a modern city only begins at the end of the 19th century. At that time, Alexei Kuropatkin, a general in the Russian army, was tasked with finding a suitable site for the construction of the district center. So, in 1882, the settlement of Zharkent was founded on the site of several old Uyghur villages. Initially, it was inhabited only by the Cossacks, who were supposed to guard the eastern borders of the Russian Empire here. Great importance was attached to the development of this place. A brewery and a tobacco factory were opened, as the area had good conditions for growing tobacco. Chinese and Russian goods were presented in the shops, and artisans supplied travelers with the necessary materials. Since 1891, Zharkent has acquired the status of a city. From 1942 to 1991, the city was called Panfilov in honor of the Russian soldier during the Second World War, Ivan Panfilov, who died in 1941. After Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991, the settlement was renamed Zharkent.

The city of Zharkent in the Zhutysu region


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