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Taukum Desert in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Taukum desert.

Taukum is a sand massif in Central Asia (Kazakhstan).

Location Taukum desert.

It is located in the Balkhash-Alakol depression, south of Lake Balkhash and the Ili River, near Belsekseul, and extends to the Bozoy plateau. An area of about 10,000 km². Length 240 km, width 40 to 60 km. It is characterized by ridge and tuberous ridge sands covered with wormwood-solyanka (less often wormwood-cereal or shrubby) vegetation. The height of the sand dunes reaches 10-15 meters.

Flora Taukum desert.

Juzgun, wormwood, saxaul, and wheatgrass grow here. In the south, the border of the Taukum passes along the course of the Ili River, on its bank there is a widespread tree-shrub vegetation - tugai, where many animals live.

Climate Taukum desert.

Summer in the desert is long and sultry. The average temperature of July and August is 24–26 ° C; sometimes the temperature reaches 40 ° C above the surface of the sand. Precipitation occurs in April, late September, October, and precipitation is extremely rare in the summer months.