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Ulken Keme mount in Boszhira tract, Mangysray region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Ulken Keme mountain in the Boszhira tract.

Mount Ulken Keme is a local landmark in the Boszhira tract and valley in Mangysrau region, Kazakhstan. Mount Ulken Keme is not particularly noticeable when compared with the peaks of Azu Tisteri. It is easy to climb Mount Ulken Keme and look at the valley from it. A beautiful panorama of Boszhira and local surroundings opens from the top of the mountain. Here, on the top of the mountain, a strong wind can blow, which is also a local attraction and is sometimes quite strong. From the top of Ulken Keme Mountain you can see Borly Tau Mountain which is also a local landmark. You can climb the Ulken Keme Mountain from the north side along a convenient path, as in places of steep ascent there are steps.