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Ulken Keme mount in Boszhira tract

Journey from Russia to Mangyshlak -

Sights Boszhira, Ulken keme mount -

Ulken Keme mountain is one of the attractions of Mangyshlak, the height of the mountain is 240 meters, the mountain is quite high for this area, massive and can be seen from different points of the Zhogarly plateau. Nearby there is another attraction, the peaks of Azu Testeri and the Boszhira tract. Mount Ulken Keme stands out in its western direction for 300 meters, the width of the upper part is from 10 to 126 meters.

How to get there, visit -

Ulken Keme is located on the territory of the Mangistau region in the famous Boszhira tract, next to the Borly Tau mountain and the Azu Testeri peaks, the Zhogarly plateau, Karakiya district, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates of Ulken Keme mountain: N43°25'24" E54°04'14"

Information -

You can drive up to Ulken-Keme mountain from the upper part of the plateau, and walk up to the cliff. A large-scale beautiful panorama of the plateau opens from the mountain, from here you can see the peaks of Azu-Testeri, the Boszhira tract and the Karashek tract. We recommend traveling around the region in a 4x4 off-road vehicle, accompanied by a second car and a guide who knows the local roads and terrain. Also from the mountain Ulken-Keme you can see the peaks of Ushkir Tau, and the mountains of Borly Tau. On Mount Ulken Keme, you must follow safety precautions, do not come close to the edge of the cliff and be careful. Also in this place a strong wind blows, for which you need to be prepared. Mount Ulken keme must be entered from the north side from the upper side of the plateau.

Ulken Keme mount in Mangystau region, Bozzhira


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