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Or river in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting Or river – travels in Aktobe region.

Or is a river in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan and the Orenburg region of Russia, a left tributary of the Urals.
The length of the river is 332 km, the catchment area is 18.6 thousand km². Formed at the confluence of the Shiyli and Terisbutak rivers, which originate on the western slopes of the Mugodzhary.

The food is mostly snow. Average annual water consumption - 61 km from the mouth 21.3 m³ / sec. High water from April to mid-May, in the rest of the year there is a deep dry season. It freezes in the second half of October - November, opens up in late March - April. Ori waters are used for estuary irrigation and water supply. It flows into the Ural River; the city of Orsk is located at the confluence.

Or river tributaries.

• 38 km: Mendybai
• 66 km: Ashchebutak
• 69 km: Kamsak
• 110 km: Mamyt

Or river - etymology.

The name, presumably, is Turkic (Kazakh or - "ditch", Kyrgyz or - "pit", "ditch"). From the point of view of semantics, a very acceptable version - in the Russian North, numerous names of rivers and streams Moat are recorded.

Or river history, information.

In 1735, at the confluence of the Ori into the Urals, the Orsk fortress was laid with the settlement of Orenburg, which was later moved downstream of the Urals (modern Orenburg is the administrative center of the Orenburg region), and only the Orsk fortress remained in the same place (now the city of Orsk). Thus, Ori gave the name to the two existing cities.


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