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Turgai area and region in Kostanay region, Kazakhstan.

Travel inTurgai nature district – Turgai region.

Turgai (Kazakh. Torgay) is a historical region in Kazakhstan. Until 1997, it was a separate administrative district that occupied the southern part of the Kostanay region, as well as the western part of the Akmola region. It was abolished in 1997 during the administrative reform in Kazakhstan.

Historically, the Turgai region referred to the entire Kostanay region, but now the term Turgai refers to the three southern regions. These are Zangeldi province, Amangeldy province and Arkalik county. The area of the region was 75,800 square kilometers and is comparable to the total area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg combined.

Turgai region - relief and climate.

The region is characterized mainly by plains with plateaus in the west (such as Tekke, Kizbel, Zeeland and Kargali, which are between 210 and 310 above sea level). The highest peak in the region is Sarikti, 397 meters. The climate is continental. Winters are long and harsh, while summers are hot and dry. The average January temperature is from -16 to -17 ° C. The average July temperature is from +22 to + 25 ° C. The average annual rainfall is from 225 to 275 mm. The vegetation is steppe and semi-desert.

Turgai region - population size.

The population of the district is 83 905 people. Most of the residents speak Kazakh. As of January 1, 2010, the Cossacks make up the majority of the population - 71,147 people. In second place are Russians (7313 people), in third place are Ukrainians (1464 people), in fourth place are Tatars (1175 people). In fifth place Belarusians - 555 people, in sixth - Bashkirs - 354 people, in seventh - Moldovans - 310 people, in eighth - Germans - 222 people. The rest of the nationalities are 1365 people.

Turgai region - history.

Turgai district was formed in 1868. According to the 1897 census, 86,900 inhabitants lived in the area. In this census, the Cossacks constituted the overwhelming majority of the population, since 99.1% of the region's inhabitants were Cossacks. 896 people lived in the city of Torgai. The first Kazakh-Russian school opened in the region. The corresponding proposal was made by the local teacher Ibrai Altinsarin. Two people from the Turgai region were important figures in the Kazakhstani national liberation struggle during the First World War. These are Amangeldy Imanov from Amangeldy velayat and A. Zangeldin from Zangeldy velayat.

In 1932 the district was abolished and included in the Kostanay district, which was later renamed into the Kostanay district.
In August 1990, the Turgai region was transformed into a district. On December 16, 1991, it became part of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 1997, the Turgai region was abolished. The region's territory was divided between Kostanay and Akmola regions.


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