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Mangyshlak Bay on the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan.

Trip to Mangyshlak Bay - Travels across the Caspian Sea.

Mangyshlak Bay is located in the northeast of the Caspian Sea.

Mangyshlak Bay - geographical location.

It runs about 100 km between Bozashchi and the Tupkaragan peninsula. It is located in the Tupkaragan district of the Mangistau region. The western part is connected with the Tyulen (Tyulen) Islands.

Mangyshlak Bay description.

The width of the bay at the exit is 65-70 km. The water depth is 13 meters. The slopes are steep (height up to 150 m). And the shores of the Bozashi peninsula are gentle. The bottom of the bay is sandy. In winter, the water freezes.

Mangyshlak Bay - how to get there.

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