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Kenderli resort and nature zone, (Fetisovo Bay) The Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan.

Travel to Kenderli Bay from Aktau.

The Kenderli Bay in the Caspian Sea, or the Fetisovo Bay, is geographically closest to the Kazakh Bay, its length is 23 kilometers, south-east and north-west. Kenderli Bay is not as big as other bays, its length is about 20 kilometers. The bay of Fetisovo aka Kenderli is not deep, the depth does not exceed 1 meter, the water here is crystal clear, well warmed up by the sun and very warm.

Kenderli Recreation Area.

The eastern part of the coastline and the water in it in summer warms up so much that the water remains warm until autumn, until October. In the Gulf of Fetisovo - Kenderli there is a recreation area and a natural area of Kenderli. Also, the Kenderli resort is considered an architectural complex built on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Everyone who visits these places, and these are tourists from all over Kazakhstan and tourists from all over the world, remain delighted after their stay here. The beaches are very beautiful, sandy, rocky in places, the Caspian Sea in places as smooth as glass, in other places we see a breaking wave. Also, in this part of the sea, a warm current circulates, which also has a beneficial effect on the entire region, the climate here is curative and retains its primordiality due to mild conditions.

Kenderli resort and nature zone-Fetisovo Bay how to get there.

To get to the Kenderli zone and to the Fetisovo Bay (Kenderli), you need to move south east along the Aktau - Zhanaozen - Kenderli road. As you pass Zhanaozen through 70 kilometers, the beaches and Kenderli Bay begin.


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