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Kazakh bay at the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Kazakh bay - the Caspian Sea.

The Kazakh bay is located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea, on the southern shore of the Mangishlak Peninsula. It is located in the Karakiyansky district of the Mangistau region.

Kazakh bay - information for tourists.

The Kazakh bay attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. The water is very warm here in the summer, a beautiful sandy beach and absolutely wild places where no one can meet. So here is the bay of Kenderli. Kenderli and Kazakh bays are called azure. Here you can also find many resorts and small recreation areas. Clean air of the Caspian Sea, long hot summer, clear and dry weather create unique conditions for recreation on the Caspian Sea in any part of it.

Journey along the Caspian Sea - Kazakh bay.

The Kazakh bay has an arc-shaped shape and a width of 83 km. The average depth is 13-15 m, the deepest point is 32 m. The shore is high. To the east is the Kenderli River and the Kenderli Sands (35 km stretch), which is separated from the Kazakh bay by the Kenderli sea flood. The salinity of water is 13-14 ‰. In summer, the water surface warms up to 26-27 ° С, and in winter it cools down to 0 ° С, thin ice covers 2-3 months.


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