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Sagyndyk cape at the Caspian sea, Kazakhstan.

Jeep travel along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Cape Sagyndyk is located on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, in the Caspian Sea, on the territory of Kazakhstan. Cape Sagyndyk is a steep rather high cliffs, leaving a sheer wall to the seashore. This place is also known as Devil's Finger, the rock is a rock mass going into the sea.

Cape Skalisty-Caspian Sea.

Near Cape Sagyndyk is Cape Skalisty. You can dive here if you have the necessary equipment, the water at Cape Sagyndyk is transparent. In general, all the water in the Caspian Sea is transparent and very beautiful; at different times of the day, the water changes its color. The color of the water is blue, or with a blue tint, in some places the water is turquoise, you can also find the greenish color of the water.

Trip to Cape Sagyndyk - information for the tourist.

At Cape Sagyndyk, you can find all sorts of natural formations from sandy beaches turning into sheer cliffs, from which it is possible to jump into the water from rather high altitudes up to 10 meters. Also here you can find very beautiful lagoons and small bays.


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