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Karatau mountains in Mangystau

Traveling in the Karatau mountains in Mangyshlak

The Karatau mountains are located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Mangistau region (Mangyshlak peninsula). The length of the Karatau mountains is 135 kilometers. Here you can see deep ravines and gullies that were formed during periods of rainy.

Karatau mountains how to get there

The Karatau mountains stretch from northwest to southeast. The northern Karatau ridge forms the northwestern part of the mountains, the Eastern Karatau is located in the southeastern part of the mountains.

Karatau mountains information for tourists

The highest point of the Karatau mountains, the Bosshoky mountain, whose height is 560 meters above sea level, which is considered quite high for this place. So here is the Zhalyraktu mountain which, 370 meters above sea level, is part of the North Karatau. Mount Otpan is located in the western part of the Karatau mountains and is also the highest point of this region, the height of the mountain is 535 meters above sea level.

Excursion from Aktau to the Karatau mountains

The Karatau mountains consist mainly of clay, sand and sandstone, livestock graze here, deposits of iron ores, copper ores and coal have been found.

Karatau mountains


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