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Aktau mountains in Mangystau

Aktau mountains tour (North-South Aktau, chalk mountains)

The Aktau mountains are located in the Mangistau region on the Mangyshlak peninsula in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Aktau mountains consist of two geographical parts, these are Northern Aktau and Southern Aktau. The mountains are made of white limestone and therefore look very unusual, in appearance they are white, very white, sometimes in the bright light of the sun they can dazzle with their whiteness. The Aktau mountains are about 70 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide. The Aktau mountains turn into a plain, which turns into the Mangystau plateau.

Aktau mountains how to get there

The Aktau mountains are located on the 111th kilometer of the Kalamkas Karazhanbas road. The Aktau mountains are also known as the chalk mountains. Cretaceous from the word chalk, and chalk is white, and the Aktau mountains also consist of white limestone, therefore they are very white and beautiful.

Aktau mountains


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