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Imankara cave in Atyrau region, Kazakhstan.

Tourist routes in the Atyrau region - Imankara cave.

Imankara (kaz. Imangara) or Imangara (kaz. Imangara) - a cave on Mount Imankara in the Atyrau region, the territory of the Zhylyi region, Kazakhstan.

Imankara cave - how to get there.

It is very easy to get to the cave, the path must be kept to Mount Imankara, this place is popular among locals and tourists. Imankara Cave is located near the Munayly-Mola field and the city of Atyrau.

Imankara cave - tourist information.

The cave is approximately 10-25 meters deep. The cave is a passage cut through the earth and rock. There are 2 branches inside the cave, the left passage and the right passage, their depth is about 10-12 meters. Inside there is a room, 2 x 1.5 meters, not large, inside it will be convenient only for one maximum inside you can sit together. The height of the cave in the room is 2 meters.

Imankara cave - history.

The cave was made in ancient times during the Iron Age. According to the researchers, the cave was first used as a dwelling, then as a ritual and sacred place. In 1911, the headquarters of Alfred Nobel was organized in the cave, who led an expedition to search for oil in the area. In 1944, during the Second World War, a German airborne assault was hiding in a cave, which was later destroyed by NKVD operatives.
It is necessary to continue exploring the cave today. Research is not being conducted now and part of the cave is littered with debris but is of interest to tourists as a sacred and sacred place.

Imankara cave.


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