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Kuzdakary lake

Tour and excursion to the lake Kuzdakary

Lake Kuzdakary is not big, it is only 90 meters, width is 50 meters. The water in the lake is very salty; next to the lake there is the famous Zhegylgan (sinkhole) hollow, where you can find traces of ancient animals.

Kuzdakary lake-how to get there

The lake is located in the Mangistau region on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From the Zhagylgan sinkhole to the lake 2.2 kilometers, from the coast of the Caspian Sea to the lake 700 meters. Tupkaragan region.

Kuzdakary lake-information for tourists

The lake is shaped like a heart sign. Here you can have a great rest and spend time. The water in the lake is very salty, salt has medicinal properties, so you can take salt baths here, but not for a long time, no more than 10-15 minutes. The water in the lake is magical blue. To visit here you need a 4x4 jeep.

Kuzdakary lake


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