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Kurty river, excursion, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Day trip to the Kurty river from Almaty.

The Kurty River is a very beautiful river flowing in the low mountains and hills of the Almaty region. Translated from the Mongolian language, the word Kurty means “valley with cliffs”. The same name reservoir is also called Kurty. Regel's wild tulips bloom on the outskirts of the river and the reservoir in spring, which gives the area a fabulous look.

Kurty river - how to get there.

The river flows through the territory of the Almaty region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is easy to get from Almaty to the river, by an asphalt road, the distance to the Kurty reservoir (Kurtinskoe) is about 90 kilometers, the travel time is 1-1.5 hours.

Kurty river - information for tourists.

The river is 123 kilometers long, the river is a tributary of the Ili River. The Kurty river originates at the confluence of the two rivers Aksengir and Uzun-Kargaly. In the vicinity of the river, ancient settlements of people, ancient burials and rock paintings and petroglyphs of the Bronze Age were found.
The water in the Kurty river is potable. The Kurta reservoir was built on the river. The river water is used for growing and the needs of the local population. In summer, you can swim in the river for a short time, the water in the river is cold.

Kurty river.


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