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Horse riding in Amanzhol mountain gorge, Amanzhol pass, Kolsai nature reserve, Kazakhstan.

Excursion from the city of Almaty to the Amanzhol gorge.

Horse riding to the Amanzhol pass.

Amanzhol in translation from the Kazakh language means - Safe road. We will get to the Amanzhol gorge by car, then we will move on horseback and on foot. The gorge is located at altitudes from 1000 to 4777 meters above sea level. This route passes through the famous Turgen gorge and the Assy plateau and in 9 days will lead us to the Kolsai National Park.

Amanzhol mountain gorge - how to get there - Amanzhol pass.

Amanzhol gorge, Amanzhol pass GPS Coordinates: 43 ° 7'56 "N 77 ° 48'42" E. The Amanzhol mountain gorge and the Amanzhol mountain pass of the same name is located in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, Northern Tien Shan, the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, the Kolsai National Nature Reserve. Kolsay Kulderi is the Pearl of Kazakhstan.

Amanzhol pass - horse riding program.

  • Season time: summer season
  • Best time: june-august
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 10

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