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Zhumbaktas Rock Island, Borovoe National Park, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Borovoe park and Akmola region.

Travels in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

The rocky island Zhumbaktas is a rocky outcropping or rock of a rather large size, standing not far from the shore in Lake Borovoe. Zhumbaktas in translation from the Kazakh language means (Mysterious Rock), the same rock is called the Sphinx. The rock is a local landmark; you can go to the Jumbaktas rock by boat. The boat can be rented from the local boat depot.

Boating to Zhumbaktas rock - safety.

It is important to observe safety precautions on the water, THE MOST IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY THIS IS TO WEAR A RESCUE VENDOR TO BE IN THE WATER, (which will prevent you from drowning) put on life jackets on all crew members, there are no more than 3-4 people in the boat, be sure to before sailing (hike ) listen to a safety course, while on the water, do not rock the boat during the hike, be extremely careful and careful when walking on the water. Rescue teams are on duty on the shore of the lake to help people on the water. In case of an emergency, inform your mobile phone about your coordinates, give a signal in a possible way, stay put, do not panic. IF YOU HAVE ACCIDENTALLY FALLED OUT OF THE BOAT, it is important to know the main rule, it is necessary to return to the boat from the rear so that the boat does not overturn. (if you climb into the boat from one of the sides, it is possible to turn the boat over with your body weight). In the boat, you must be in a seated position, evenly on all sides. To maintain a stable balance of the boat during the hike, it is not recommended to stand and walk on the boat.

Rock Zhumbaktas island - how to get there.

Zhumbaktas island is located in the Akmola region in the Borovoe national natural park in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The rock is located in Lake Borovoe, or rather in the Blue Bay. The height of the rock is 18 meters, the rock juts out high above the water and looks bizarre and unusual from different sides.

Zhumbaktas, Borovoe - information for tourists.

A mysterious stone, next to the Zhumbaktas rock is the Okzhetpes sanatorium, where you can stay for the duration of our vacation. Also in the district there is all sorts of other tourist infrastructure, boat rental, guest houses, cafes, restaurants, bungalows, etc.

Borovoe is nature.

The nature of Borovoye is very rich; a beautiful coniferous forest grows here. This forest surrounds the entire network of lakes in Borovoe Park, they go to the forest to pick mushrooms, berries and just take a walk. The combination of low mountains, coniferous forests and a network of lakes create special climatic conditions in the park, which have a very beneficial effect on the human body. There are many different hiking routes in the park, there are routes to the local highest points from which a panoramic view of the entire vicinity of the park opens.

Zhumbaktas rock island in Borovoye.


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