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Okzhetpes rock mount on Borovoe lake, Akmola region, Kazakhstan.

Travel from Almaty to Borovoe.

Excursions to nature reserves and parks of Kazakhstan - Burabay (Borovoe).

Mount Okzhetpes is the hallmark of the Borovoe Natural Park. The height of the mountain is 300 meters, if you wish, you can climb the mountain, but for this you need to have the equipment necessary to climb the mountain and comply with all safety measures. Okzhetpes in translation from the Kazakh language means “the arrow will not reach”.

Okzhetpes (the arrow will not reach) is a legend.

One of the legends says that in one of the Auls a boy was born, the boy was unusual, he was tall and very strong. The boy grew and became bigger and stronger, at one point he became so strong and big that the strongest archer from the local warriors, shooting from a bow, could not even reach the chest of a young warrior with an arrow. The boy was named Okzhetpes, he became a warrior and began to guard the local lands. Once upon a time elephants were found in these places and the boy tamed one of them. The boy made a war elephant out of this elephant. At one point, the enemies united to defeat Okzhetpes who was guarding the local lands, they gathered and attacked the village where Okzhetpes lived. Okzhetpes fought with them for three days and three nights and defeated the enemy, after the battle he decided to rest and fell asleep. The enemy was sitting in ambush at that moment and attacked Okzhetpes when he was sleeping in the forest. Okzhetpes woke up and began to fight with the enemies, he tore up the age-old pines and smashed the enemy with them. The war elephant helped its master. When Okzhetpes won, he decided to stay here for centuries and asked the gods to turn him and his elephant into stone in order to protect these lands from enemies. His desire was heard and Okzhetpes was turned into stone, the Okzhetpes rock.

One of the more modern legends says that giants lived on the site of Borovoye, who built the local landscape and created lakes. Okzhetpes was one of these giants.

Okzhetpes rock - how to get there.

Okzhetpes is located in Borovoe park, Akmola region, Kazakhstan. The mountain is located next to the Borovoe lake, in the Burabay natural park. The mountain can be seen at the entrance to Borovoe. Okzhetpes mountain is a local landmark.

Okzhetpes rock - information for tourists.

Near the rock Okzhetpes there is a five-star hotel, which is also called Okzhetpes. The entire territory of the Borovoe park, including the Okzhetpes rock, is a natural park. The region is rich in tourist infrastructure, here you can go horseback riding and hiking. You can swim on the Borovoe lake, you can also rent a boat on the lake to walk along the lake. A beautiful panorama opens from the top of the Okzhetpes mountain, from the mountain you can see lakes Katarkol, Tenekol, Akkol, Small Chebachye lake, etc.



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