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Chebachye lake (big one), Borovoe, Burabay, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the Big Chebach Lake.

Rest on the big Chebachy lake.

The area of the water area of the Big Chebach Lake is 25.5 km2, the length is 8.3 km, the width is 5.1 km, the average depth is 10.8 m, the maximum depth is 33.3 m, the lake is of tectonic origin. The lake is a landmark of the Borovoe (Burabay) resort. The lake is part of the Borovoye lakes and is one of the largest.

Big Chebachye Lake - how to get there.

Big Chebachye Lake located at the northern foot of the Kokshetau plateau. At an altitude of 301.6 m above sea level, in the Burabay district of the Akmola region. The distance from the town of Shchuchinsk to the lake is 16 kilometers.

Chebachye lake (large) - information for tourists.

The water in the lake freezes in mid-November, the ice melts on May 15-25. In the spring, the lake is replenished by melted snow, rain and groundwater. The water from the lake is used for household needs.
It is possible to travel around this region all year round, it is good here at any time of the year. The lake has a tourist infrastructure. The Kurkireyik (Gromotukha) river flows into the lake and flows out of the Borovoe lake. Due to its depth (38 m) and size, the lake is also called Small Baikal. Around the lake there is a forest consisting of such trees as: birch, willow, shrub and pine. The surface of the lake is clean and transparent. The lake is full of fish perch, crucian carp, carp.

Chebachye lake (large).


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