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Skazka (Fairy tale) cave near Ak-Biik (Vannovka).

Traveling through the caves of Kazakhstan.

A trip to the Skazka cave from the village of Ak-Biik.

The Skazka cave is a tourist attraction in the Aksu-Zhabaglinsky nature reserve. The cave is quite large and deep, the length of the cave is as much as 300 meters, the cave is stalactite. The cave has one large hall and a small hall, and there is also a small underground lake in the cave.

Cave Fairy Tale - how to get there.

The cave is located within the Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve. The distance from the city of Almaty to the cave is 650 kilometers, from the village of Zhabagly to the cave the distance is 12 kilometers. The main landmark here is the village of Ak-Biik (Vannovka), the distance from the village to the cave along a dirt road is 1.5 kilometers. The road Almaty-Tashkent.

GPS coordinates of the Tale cave: 42.32.83; 70.27.10

Fairy tale cave - information for the tourist.

The cave is located at an altitude of 1044 meters above sea level in the foothills of the Karatau mountains. Previously, the cave was closed and only when mining began in this area in the 50s, the entrance to it was opened. Since the cave is located within a busy highway connecting the city, the cave was visited by a lot of people and because of this the cave was subjected to massive devastation. The cave consists of stalactites, which are located both on the floor and on the ceiling of the cave, and these formations were barbarously plundered by people, apparently as souvenirs. People tore off all the walls, floor and ceiling of the cave, and the cave ceased to be a Fairy Tale.

Cave Fairy Tale.


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