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Koksay gorge in Aksu-Zhabagly.

Reserves and natural parks of Kazakhstan and their attractions.

Koksay is the name of one of the gorges in the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve. The gorge was included in the reserve in the 90s to preserve the flora and fauna of the region. Various types of plants grow here, as well as woody species such as willow, mountain ash, juniper, spruce grow here. All this biodiversity is of great irreplaceable value, which is strictly protected by law.

Koksay mountain gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located in the eastern part of the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve, Zhulyansky district, Zhambyl region. The border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan runs along the gorge.

Koksay - information for tourists.

The gorge is very popular with tourists from abroad. It is possible to take a horse ride along the gorge. In the village of Zhabagly, which is located in the reserve, you can stay in guest houses and small hotels. To travel around this region, you will need at least 3 days, since the distance, for example, from Almaty to the reserve is more than 500 kilometers, so it will take us only one day to travel to the reserve itself. Therefore, plan your trip very carefully in order to have time to see everything.

Koksay gorge.