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Lake Maloe Kaindy (Small Kaindy lake).

Travel from Almaty to Kaindy lake.

Sights of the Kolsai Kolderi reserve.

Lake Maloe Kaindy (Small Kaindy) is located next to the main lake Kaindy. From the main lake to the small distance is half a kilometer, here you can walk through the forest and look at the lake. The lake is small, and very picturesque, lies among high mountains, the lake is 100 meters long, 50 meters wide.

Lake Maloe Kaindy - how to get there.

The lake is located in the Kolsai nature reserve at an altitude of 1920 meters above sea level, next to the main Kolsai lake, Kegen district, Almaty region.

GPS coordinates of Maloe Kaindy lake: N42 ° 59'12.23 "E78 ° 27'30.79"

Lake Maloe Kaindy - information for the tourist.

The lake is not the main attraction of the park, but it is of interest to people who have a rest here. On the lake you will be able to take excellent photos, the lake differs from the main lake Kaindy in its size and appearance. The water in the lake is clear; a beautiful coniferous forest grows around the lake. Here you can pitch a tent and spend the night in the wild. We recommend moving around the park in a 4x4 car, as the roads here are mountainous and without asphalt.

Lake Maloe Kaindy


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