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Blue lake Kaskasu.

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Mountain tourism in the Kolsai Calderi park.

Blue Lake Kaskasu, a landmark of the Kolsai Kolderi Reserve Park, at which the lake is located 3165 meters above sea level. This is a beautiful alpine moraine lake, the water in the lake is blue, sometimes the color changes to turquoise, it all depends on daylight.

Blue Lake Kaskasu - how to get there.

The lake is located in the Kolsay Kolderi park, Almaty region, Kegen district, Kaskasu river valley, 3165 meters above sea level.

Blue Lake Kaskasu - information for tourists.

There is a trail along the Kaskasu River to Lake Kaskasu, you can get here on foot, you need to prepare in advance for this trip, the trip to Lake Kaskasu will take at least two days. The lake is part of the Kungei Alatau mountain range, next to the lake there is a border pass Burgan-Suu with a height of 3755 meters above sea level, the border of Kazakhstan with Kyrgyzstan runs along the pass. The lake is small, the lake is 250 meters long and 200 meters wide, the lake has an oval regular shape. Above the main lake, Kaskasu, there are three more small lakes, they are located slightly higher in the rocky valley.

Blue Lake Kaskasu


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