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Ayusay (Bear Gorge), and the Ayusay River in the Big Almaty Gorge.

Trekking in the mountains of Almaty, sights of the Almaty region.

Mountain trip to Ayusay (Three Bears) waterfalls.

Ayusay is the name of the famous place in the mountains of Almaty city in the Big Almaty mountain gorge. The Ayusay River is a tributary of the Bolshaya Almatinka River. There are three nameless waterfalls on the river, to which a mountain path leads. The place is one of the main and frequently visited sights of the Big Almaty mountain gorge.

Ayusay (Bear Gorge) - how to get there.

Ayusai (Bear Log, River) is located on the territory of the Ile-Alatau Natural Park in the mountains of Almaty, up Navoi Street, Big Almaty Gorge, Karasai District. The main landmark of the beginning of the route is a sculpture depicting three bears which can be seen from the road. Nearby there is parking for cars, places of rest and cafes. Hiking in the mountains is possible only in the summer.

Ayusay waterfalls - information for tourists.

Ayusai, translated from the Kazakh language, means Bear Log or Bear Gorge. The river flowing through this gorge is also called Ayusay, along the river a mountain path leads to the waterfalls. The height of the topmost waterfall is 10 meters, other waterfalls are slightly smaller. The trail passes through a narrow gorge, so it is necessary to observe safety precautions here and not to move alone.

Ayusay waterfalls, mountain gorge and Ayusay river.