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Lake Chon-Uryukty

Nature of Kolsai Kolderi Park -

Mountain hike to Lake Chon-Uryukty -

Lake Chon-Uryukty is a beautiful alpine lake, located at an altitude of 2160 meters above sea level, surrounded by a beautiful coniferous forest. The lake is flowing, the Chon-Uryukty River flows into the lake and flows out. Lake Chon-Uryukty was formed in the course of the Chon-Uryukty River due to an earthquake and the subsequent collapse of the slope of one of the adjacent mountains, when the collapse occurred, there was a dam of the riverbed and a lake was formed.

Lake Chon-Uryukty – how to get there -

Lake Chon-Uryukty is located on the territory of Kolsai Park in Almaty region at an altitude of 2163 meters above sea level, the Kungei Alatau mountain range, the gorge of the Chon-Uryukty River. GPS coordinates of Lake Chon-Uryukty: N42°59'09.15" E77°56'11.72"

Lake Chon-Uryukty – tourist information -

The length of Lake Chon-Uryukty is 500 meters, the width is 70 meters, the lake is small, but very picturesque. We will meet the lake if we go on a mountain hike along the Chon-Uryukty River in a 2-day trekking. Lake Chon-Uryukty is considered dammed. There is no forest on the western shore of the lake, so there is a scree rock slope on this side. The perimeter of the lake is 1125 meters, the southeastern part of the slope near the lake is covered with coniferous forest, which is reflected in the lake.

Lake Chon-Uryukty


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