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Tour to the mosque Shopan ata and Beket ata

Pilgrimage tours on Mangyshlak - Mosques of the Mangystau region -

This tour includes a visit to the mosques Shopan-ata and Beket-ata. Both mosques are located on the Mangyshlak peninsula in the Mangystau region, in a desert area. Our journey to the mosques starts from the city of Aktau and will take place in jeeps, comfortable SUVs, accompanied by a guide. On the way to the mosques, we will pass the Karagie depression, which is 132 meters below sea level. You can see a more detailed program with a route grid, distances and a detailed description below in the detailed description of the tour.

The Shopan-Ata Mosque is located on the territory of the village of Senek, more than 200 kilometers from the city of Aktau, was built by a student of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, the Sufi Shopan-ata. The legend says that Shopan-ata found his mentors here and decided to build a mosque there, consisting of eleven underground chambers. Another legend goes on to say that the tree grew in the desert on the site of a mosque, and it still grows to this day, 800 years have passed since it was planted. According to the legend, by going around the tree three times, you will get rid of all diseases.

The Beket-Ata Mosque is an underground mosque in the Mangistau region, the mosque is carved into the rock in the Oglandy gorge and consists of three rooms. Beket ata was born in 1750 and was known not only as a healer, seer, but also as a scientist who knew the laws of physics, mathematics, and astronomy well. After studying in Bukhara, he again comes to his region and builds five mosques.

The route of the pilgrimage to the shrines of Mangyshlak:

Aktau - Zhanaozen city - Kostam mausoleum - Shopan ata necropolis (X - XIII centuries) - Oglandy tract - Beket ata underground mosque

  • Distance of the route: 277 km
  • Season time: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Best time: Spring time
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 1 day

Tour itinerary:


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