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Silicon Valley on Mangyshlak (Mangystau) Boszhira

Jeep tour to the Silicon Valley of Mangystau -

Natural attractions of the Mangyshlak Peninsula -

The Silicon Valley of the Mangyshlak peninsula is a valley strewn with remnants of silicon at a fairly long distance. The valley is located within the Boszhira tract, you can get here from the city of Aktau by 4x4 jeeps (high-passability). Also, the tract is also notable for the fact that here you can find the remains of ancient flora and fauna, these are prehistoric shark teeth, various fossils, ancient fossilized mollusk shells, etc. Also nearby is the famous chalk canyon Kapamsay and the Kapam tract.

How to get to visit -

The Silicon Valley of Mangistau is located in Mangistau region, Kazakhstan, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Mangistau district.

Information -

Silicon is an element of group IV of the periodic table of elements. The most common element after oxygen in nature. Silicon was first discovered in 1811. The color of silicon is matte gray, black, resinous, the density of the mineral is 2.32 g / m3, the melting point is 1420 degrees. In industry, Silicon is obtained by heating and reducing silica with coke, and pure silicon is obtained by reducing silicon tetrachloride with zinc vapor. When heated, it can combine with any nonmetal, except hydrogen. Inert at lower temperatures. Pure silicon is used in alloys of iron, copper, aluminum, and lead. It increases acid resistance, strength, electrical and magnetic properties of such alloys.

Silicon Valley on the Mangyshlak Peninsula (Mangystau)


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