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Mangyshlak highland

Jeep tours on Ustyurt plateau and Mangyshlak

The Mangyshlak highlands and the Mangyshlak mountains are beautiful and majestic. There are all types of landscape that can be seen in one trip. The Mangyshlak upland belongs to the Turan plate, the Caspian region, the Tuarkyr location. The Mangyshlak Upland is also known as Mangistau, where the Beskoshi Mountain is located with a maximum height of 570 meters above sea level.


The rock of which the Mangyshlak Upland is composed is mainly white limestone, therefore white color prevails everywhere, which creates unforgettable landscapes and terrain views. In addition to white, you can meet all the colors of the rainbow here.
The Western Karatau and Eastern Aktau mountains are located on the territory of the Mangyshlak Upland. Here you can find Spheric stones - Torish Tuzbais, very unusual round formations that can be found in the area of Mount Sherkala, which is also located on the territory of the Mangyshlak Upland.

Adventure Tour-Mangyshlak

The Karagiye hollow is also located here, in this area the pristine steppe semi-desert land is concentrated. Oil fields were discovered here, in connection with which the region began to actively develop in the field of mining.

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Saline deserts are abundant in the Mangyshlak Upland. These places are flat surfaces covered with salt for many kilometers. It is necessary to travel very carefully here by car and of course not alone. No plants grow on the salt marshes, the terrain here looks lifeless, but it only seems at first glance. The Mangyshlak Upland is home to a large number of different mammals and birds. Also, here you can find all sorts of small vegetation, in May June during flowering this area takes on a magical look.

Mangyshlak highland


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