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Uba river in East kazakhstan region.

Travel by the rivers of Kazakhstan - Uba river.

Uba River, a tributary of the Irtysh flows through the territory of Kazakhstan.

Geographical position of the Uba river.

Uba river in the basin of the Upper Irtysh. Length - 278 km. The catchment area is 9850 km2.

The beginning of the Uba river.

The Uba river begins on the ridges of the Koksu and Ivanov mountains in the East Kazakhstan region, begins at the foothills and flows into the Irtysh river.

Hydrology Uba River.

The place where the Black Plague and White Plague meet is called the Plague. The river basin is mountainous (1000–1500 m), the valley is a narrow gorge, 200–300 m wide. Long-term snowmelt in the summer is replenished with glaciers (48%), rainwater (36%) and rainwater (16%). 79% of the annual water flow in April-July, 15% in September-November, 6% in December-March. The average annual water discharge in the Shemonaikha area is 182 m³ / s. The water is fresh. There is a small hydroelectric power station, water is used for watering crops, watering trees.

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