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Ulba river in East Kazakhstan region.

Rafting and kayaking on the Ulba River.

Ulba is a river in the Irtysh basin. The river is formed by two other rivers such as the Gromotukha River and the Tikhaya River, which originate in the mountains of the Kazakhstan Altai. Further, the Ulba River flows into the Irtysh River, near the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Ulba river geographical location.

It flows through the territory of the Altai region of the East Kazakhstan region. The length of the river is 156 km, including the Kurkuryukskaya (Gromotukhinskaya) branch. The catchment area is 4990 km2.

Ulba River hydrology. [/ b]

The river valley is steep, the upper reaches of the Ulba River have ravines 400 m wide. The river is replenished with melted snow and rainwater. 78.3% of annual water resources flow along the river bed in April-July, 15.2% in August-November and 6.5% in December-March. The content of mineral substances in water ranges from 100-300 mg/l during a flood to 500-700 mg/l during a flood. 102 m3/s is 10 - 151 km above the long-term average discharge. Turbidity varies from 50 g/m3 upstream to 200 g/m3 downstream. Average long-term rock consumption is 8.2 kg/h. Small Khairuzovsky, Tishinsky and Ulba hydroelectric power stations were built along the river. The cities of Ridder and Ust-Kamenogorsk are located along this river.

[b]Ulba River.

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