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Akmysh tract

Travel to the Akmysh tract near the Sherkala Mount

There is very beautiful nature in the Akmysh tract. Here are the ruins of the ancient city of Kyzyl Kala. Also here are the ruins of an ancient fortress of Chingis-Khan's son whose name was Jochi. The tract is popular with tourists from all over the world. Here you will find beautiful oases, small rivers and streams, mountains that look like castles, natural palaces and pyramids.

Akmysh tract-how to get there

The tract is located on the territory of Kazakhstan, in the Mangistau mountains. The main landmark is the village of Shetpe, from village of Shetpe to the Akmysh tract 18 kilometers. The Northern Aktau and Western Aktau mountains also serve as a reference point. The sacred mountain Sherkala also serves as the main landmark, from the Sherkala Mount to the tract is only 300 meters.

Akmysh tract-information for tourists

Akmysh is a steppe semi, a mountain oasis, which is located in a small depression. The Samal and Sazanbai tracts are also nearby. Akmysh is also called a stream, which is located in a small grove of trees, which you will surely meet when visiting this tract. The local resident of the shepherd (nomad) is called Tokymbay. Be sure to visit him, he is always very glad to see tourists. In a grove on the Akmysh stream, it is possible to set up a camp and spend the night here. At night, you will sleep under the pleasant murmur of a spring. Also in the Akmysh tract you can find stone spheres or stone concretions, unusual natural formations.

Akmysh tract


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