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Abylai Khan glade on Borovoe lake, Burabay natural park, Kazakhstan.

The nature of Borovoye, Burabay.

Excursion to the glade of Abylai Khan in Borovoye.

An obelisk was erected in the clearing, symbolizing the actions of Abylai Khan in his work in uniting people in the fight against the Dzungars. The obelisk was built in 1991 in honor of the 280th anniversary of Abylai Khan. The Kazakh people keep many legends and stories about Abylai Khan. It is believed that in this place were his main possessions and the khan's headquarters. The surrounding relief contributed well to protection from enemies, natural stone formations, which can be observed here to this day, were used as natural barriers to defend against enemies.

Abylai Khan glade - how to get there.

The glade is located near the Aulikol (Borovoe) lake, 300 meters from the Okzhetpes rock of the Koksha mountain, the Burabay (Borovoe) nature reserve, Akmola region, Kazakhstan. A glade measuring 250 by 500 meters.

Abylai Khan Polyana - information for tourists.

Abylai Khan (real name Abilmansur) was the 18th khan of the Kazakh Khanate, who ruled from 1771 to 1781. One of the greatest khans in the history of the Kazakh Horde. The origins of the Horde go back to Ezhen Khan, the founder of the White Horde. Ablai is also a direct descendant of such rulers as Urus-khan, Barak-khan, Az-Zhanibek-khan. Abylai Khan is the grandfather of Kenesary Khan, a unique figure in the history of Kazakhstan.

Glade of Abylai Khan.


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