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Zhukey lake, Akmola region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Lake Zhukey from Borovoe.

Boat trip on Lake Zhukey.

Lake Zhukey (Kaz. Jockey) is salty, there is no tourist infrastructure on the lake, so the lake is wild. A route from the Borovoe resort leads to the lake. There are fishing boats on the lake, local fishermen can be asked to take a boat ride on the lake. The lake is very beautiful and transparent; it is part of the Borovoye lakes and is a local attraction.

Jockey lake - how to get there.

The lake is located in the natural park Burabay (Borovoe). From Borovoye to Lake Zhukey, the distance will be 53 kilometers, you can get here by taxi, bus, or personal transport. The distance from the town of Stepnyak to the lake is 15 kilometers.

Zhukey (Zhokey) lake - information for the tourist.

On the one hand, the lake is surrounded by a beautiful sandy wild beach, where you can sunbathe in the sun, spend time and relax. There is no tourist infrastructure on the lake.