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Cableway Medeu - Shymbulak in the Maloalmatinsky gorge.

Ascent by cableway to Shymbulak.

Photo tour Medeu - Shymbulak - Talgar pass.

The cable car Medeu - Shymbulak was launched in 2010 in November. The cockpit can accommodate from 6-8 people, from the cockpit there is an all-round view. The cable car starts from the Medeo sports complex (1691 m) and goes to the high-mountain station Shymbulak (2500 m), then you need to change to the next line of the road and go up to the Talgar pass (3 163 m).

Cable car Medeu - Shimbulak - how to get there.

The road is located in the Maloalmatinsky gorge and starts from the Medeu sports complex, along Nursultan Avenue in the upper reaches of the gorge. Opposite the hotel Kazakhstan there is a stop from which bus number 12 runs to Medeu.

Medeu - Shymbulak - information for tourists.

The entire ascent takes 15-20 minutes, there are 114 cabins in total, the capacity of each cabins is 8 people, an all-round view of the mountains opens from each cabins, there are vents that can be opened for fresh air. The cabins are completely safe. There is a large parking lot on Medeu, here you can buy a ticket for the cable car, tickets can also be purchased online through the application. The length of the gondola road is 4572 meters, it ranks 3rd in the world in length. The cable car is equipped with all advanced safety systems, an additional diesel generator, cab communication, lighting, etc.

Medeu - Shymbulak gondola road.


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