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Lifting to Shymbulak on the cable car from the Medeu tract

Travel to the small Almaty Gorge

Initially, Shymbulak sports complex was created as a base for the preparation of Soviet skiers for the Olympics. The width of the racing highway is 25 meters, a slope of 11-29 degrees, so skiers can show maximum speed. In terms of technical characteristics, it is not inferior to the best racing tracks of Europe, and in many cases (in terms of highway) surpasses them. Chimbulak is located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, above Chimbulak is the Talgar pass, 3200 meters high.

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The ski resort, located at an altitude of 2510 meters in the gorge of Zailiysky Alatau near Almaty. This sports complex at the foot of the Talgar Pass has been a favorite place for skiers since 1954. GPS Coordinates Chimbulak: 43°7′41″N77°4′51″E

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The length of the Shymbulak ski trail has been doubled from 6 km. And the width in the main parts is increased by 10-20 times. Snow cannons have been installed along the ski slopes, steel cables of cable cars have been upgraded. 4.5 km of cable cars between Medeu and Shymkent allow you to climb to the ski resort in fifteen minutes. Skiers and snowboarders come here, who will amaze you with their skill, extreme jumps and sharp turns. Thus, from November to May, Shymkent will become a place for skiing, and in summer it will be a great place to visit the snow-capped mountains, attract tourists and relax in the mountains. There are many mountain routes to local attractions in the area of Shymbulak, there are routes to local mountain peaks and tracts.



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