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Shakpak-Ata Canyon (Shakpaktysai) gorge

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The Shakpak-Ata Chalk Canyon is a natural attraction of the Tyupkaragan Peninsula and the Mangyshlak Peninsula, this canyon gorge consists of white chalk rock, which gives this place a very unusual manifestation. This canyon is also famous for the fact that the underground Shakpak-Ata mosque is located here. The length of the Shakpaktysai canyon is 9.5 kilometers, the width is 5 kilometers. Once upon a time in ancient times there was the Tethys Ocean and its waters washed this area.

How to get there, visit -

Shakpak-ata canyon (tract, gorge) is located on the territory of the Mangyshlak Peninsula and the Tyupkaragan Peninsula, near the shore of the Caspian Sea, Mangistau district, Mangistau region. The main landmarks here are Mount Ungosa and another Kapam Canyon, in the Kaushe Mountains. The distance from Ungoza Mountain to Shakpaktysai Canyon is 5 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: N44°24'28" E51°08'19"

Tourist Information -

The famous underground Shakpak-Ata Mosque is located in the Shakpak-Ata Canyon, research of the area was carried out here and Stone Age settlements, nomad camps, and even ancient fortresses were found. At the bottom of the gorge there is a water well Zelbard in which you can collect very tasty artesian water. The whole area is composed of chalk rocks of white and yellow colors, rain and wind have turned the whole area into bizarre formations, here you can see white palaces, and various rounded formations resembling the heads of giants. The famous Kapamsai Canyon is located 4 kilometers from the Shakpak-ata Canyon. Next to the Shakpaktysai gorge is the Caspian Sea, where you can swim in the summer heat. We invite you to visit the sights of the Mangyshlak peninsula with our company, we have all the necessary equipment, vehicles and guides who know this area.

Shakpak-ata chalk canyon (gorge) on Mangyshlak


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