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Altyn-Emel (National Park)

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Ecological tourism in nature reserves of Kazakhstan -

Altyn-Emel State National Nature Park is a national nature reserve located among the southern spurs of the Zhetysu Alatau. Altyn-emel is translated from the Turkic-Mongolian language as "Golden Saddle". The area of the park is 520 thousand hectares. On the territory of the park there are unique natural structures and monuments of ancient history, which attract tourists very much. In the gorges you can see rock paintings of ancient people. Altyn-Emel Park was founded in 1996 on the basis of the Kapshagai State Hunting Farm.

How to get there, visit -

Altyn-Emel Park is located in the Kerbulak and Panfilov districts of Almaty region in Kazakhstan. The area of the Ili River and the Singing Dune. GPS coordinates of Altyn-Emel Park: 44°20'0"N 78°26'0"E

Tourist information -

In the Altyn-Emel Park, the most famous sights are the Ili River, the Singing Dune, rock carvings of the Buddha on the Ili River. On the river Or you can relax and fish, as well as on the river Or you can swim on the SUP. The climate in the park is strictly continental, with cold winters and hot summers. You can go on excursions here all year round, in winter it is also beautiful and unusual. The Altyn-Emel Park includes the northern part of the Kapshagai reservoir and the right bank of the Ili River, the Dzungarian mountain spurs: Aktau, Katutau, Degeres, Matai, Sholak, Koyandytau mountains. In the foothill plain on the right bank of the Kapshagai reservoir there are many mounds (for example, the grave of the Saka khans – Tigrkhaud, 7th – 4th centuries), in the mountain gorges-you will find rock carvings depicting various animals.

Altyn-Emel Park is rich in flora, there are 1,500 species of higher plants, 22 species listed in the Red Book.The park is also rich in wildlife. Among invertebrates, spiders and insects are the most common. More than 5,000 species of insects are known, of which 25 species are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. 20 species of fish are endemic, including 3 species (Balkhash perch, Balkhash asp, unicolor asp). Of amphibians, there are green toad, Red Frog and Lake Toad. There are 25 species of reptiles. For example, the park is home to 174 species of 200 species of birds. There are more than 70 species of mammals, among which the Central Asian stone partridge, round-leaved mink, Central Asian river beaver, Tien Shan argali and dwarf club-footed badger are protected. From 1976 to 77, white antelopes, more than 400 kulans live in the park. One rare species in nature – Przhevalsky's horse - has been preserved all over the world in only a few zoos. In 2003, several horses from Germany were brought to the park and acclimatized. The park chronicles nature, there are several tourist routes.

The park is rich in rocks with rock carvings and archaeological sites, and caves with ancient symbols, and paintings. Of great importance are the mounds "Besshatyr", built in the Saka era. The historical and memorial museum of Ch. Ch. Valikhanov is located here. There are 17 protected stations and several tourist routes in the park.

Altyn-Emel Nature Park and Nature Reserve in Almaty region


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