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Akdym mount in Akmola region. Kazakhstan.

Travel to Akdym mount.

Mount Akdym is located in the Yereymentau Mountains in the Akmola Region, Kazakhstan. The height of Akdym Mountain is 901 meters above sea level. This mountain Akdym is also located in the Karaganda region. Mount Akdym and the mountains of Yereymentau are very beautiful and attract travelers and tourists from all over the world. Here grows a birch which is very hard as an oak tree.

Akdym mount information.

There is a legend of this place that once the batyr Bogum Bai fought in these mountains with the leader of the Dzungars and defeated him. Batyr’s wars began to catch up with the horse of the Dzungarian vyon and caught him and shouted Herman Herman, which means with a saddle or in a saddle. Hence the name Yereymentau.

Flora Akdym mount.

There are many plants listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, for example, “sticky alder”. The region also represents because of itself a collection of various plants that are also listed in the Red Book.

Fauna Akdym mount.

There are argali, roe deer, fox, badgers, and groundhogs. Of birds, belladonna, black grouse, gray and white partridge.

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