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The Munaily Mola deposit

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Globular nodules of the Munaila Mole -

Munaily Mola is a deposit of bitumen containing rocks, various kinds of research were carried out here, and then mining. Quarrying was carried out here during the Soviet Union. After the development of the area, lakes remained here, where you can find a large number of migratory birds during the migration period, as well as large herds of cows and herds of horses can always be found on these lakes, animals quench their thirst here. The size of the lakes is not large, with a maximum of 100 meters in the widest part.

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The Munaily Mola deposit is located 100 kilometers from the city of Kulsary, 105 kilometers from the Zhanterek station, Zhylyoy district, Atyrau region, The Republic of Kazakhstan.

Globular formations of the Munaily Mola -

Globular formations (globular nodules) can be found at the Munaily-Mola deposit. The same spherical formations can be found in such a place as Torysh-Tuzbair. At the Munaily-Mola deposit, spherical nodules are plastered with bitumen. There is no exact information on how and under what circumstances these globular formations appeared or formed. There are a number of hypotheses and assumptions about their appearance. The same spherical formations can also be found in the area of the mountain Sherkala on Mangyshlak Peninsula.

Munaily-Mola deposit in Atyrau region


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